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8 x 21 Compact Binoculars 31-5484
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct and then save it for future
reference. We reserve theright for any errors in text or images and any necessary changes made
to technical data. If you have any questions regarding technical problems please contact our
Customer Services.
Never look directly at thesun through thebinoculars. Thiscould permanently damage
Adjusting theeyepieces
The distance between theeyes varies from person to person.
Inorder for thebinoculars to fit theuser perfectly, thedistan-
ce between theeyepieces should be adjusted. Holdthebino-
culars in front of you and move theeyepieces closer together
or further apart until you have aclear round field of vision.
Adjusting thefocus
1. Adjust theleft eyepiece by closing your right eye and
turning thefocus ring in themiddle of thebinoculars until
theimage becomes clear.
2. Adjust theright eyepiece by closing your left eye and
turning thefocus screw on theright eyepiece until
theimage becomes clear. Nowlook with botheyes.
3. The binoculars should now be adjusted to your eyes and
you should only need to use thefocus ring in themiddle
of thebinoculars in future.
Clean thebinoculars with adust brush or afine lint-freecloth.
If you use adetergent to clean thebinoculars, note that you should never spray liquids
directly onto thelenses or eyepieces. Alwaysspray onto acleaning cloth.
Never try to dismantle thebinoculars or clean theinternal parts.
This product should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your local authority.

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