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safety first specifications

Never immerse the kettle in water and alwayskeep the electrical contacts dry.Never place the kettle on or near a source of heatsuch as a cooker ring or gas flame.Avoid contact with hot steam from the kettle'sspout. Take care when pouring or refilling afterboiling.Always keep the kettle out of the reach of smallchildren and never allow the mains lead to hangover the edge of a work surface. Children shouldbe taught the dangers of boiling water and shouldonly ever use kitchen appliances while under closesupervision.Do not use the kettle to heat anything other thanwater.Do not interfere with the normal working of theswitch.Do not operate the kettle with a damaged cord orplug or if the kettle has malfunctions, has beendropped or damaged in any way.Mains supply: 230-240V ~ 50HzPower consumption: 2000 - 2200WBecause we continually strive to improve our products we may changespecifications and designs without prior notice.If the power cord becomes damaged, it must bereplaced by your service agent or a qualified personto prevent a hazard. Please contact the store whereyou bought your kettle.Always place the kettle on a firm and level surface.The wires in your kettle mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following:-The wire which is colouredBlue must be connected to theterminal in the plug which ismarked with the letter Nor coloured Black.The wire which iscoloured Brown mustbe connected to theterminal in the plugwhich is marked with theletter L or coloured Red.The wire which is colouredGreen and Yellow must beconnected to the terminal in theplug which is marked with the letter Eor by the Earth symbol or coloured Greenor Green and Yellow.You must use a 13 amp plug (BS 1363), and fit a 13 amp fuse (BS 1362). If anyother type of plug is used a 13 amp fuse must be fitted, either in the plug, adaptoror at the distribution board.
plug wiring
Warning. This kettle must be earthed.




13 amp fuseCord grip
Green &Yellow
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Merke Carlton
Modell K2100
Produkt Kjele
Språk Engelsk
Fyltype Brukermanual (PDF)

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