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Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch.

About This Manual

Depending on the model of your watch, display text
appears either as dark gures on a light background, or
light gures on a dark background. All sample displays
in this manual are shown using dark gures on a light
Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in
the illustration.
Note that the product illustrations in this manual are
intended for reference only, and so the actual product may
appear somewhat different than depicted by an illustration.

Things to check before using the watch

1. Check the Home City and the daylight saving time (DST) setting.
Use the procedure under “To confi gure Home City settings” (page E-12) to confi gure
your Home City and daylight saving time settings.
Proper World Time Mode data depend on correct Home City, time, and date
settings in the Timekeeping Mode. Make sure you configure these settings
2. Set the current time.
See “Adjusting the Digital Time and Date Settings” (page E-15).
The watch is now ready for use.


E-2 About This Manual
E-3 Things to check before using the watch
E-7 Mode Reference Guide
E-11 Timekeeping
E-12 Confi guring Home City Settings
E-12 To confi gure Home City settings
E-14 To change the Daylight Saving Time (summer time) setting
E-15 Adjusting the Digital Time and Date Settings
E-15 To confi gure the digital time and date settings
E-19 Checking the Current Time in a Different Time Zone
E-19 To enter the World Time Mode
E-19 To view the time in another time zone
E-20 To specify standard time or daylight saving time (DST) for a city
E-21 Using the Alarm
E-22 To enter the Alarm Mode
E-22 To set an alarm time
E-23 To test the alarm
E-24 To turn an alarm and the Hourly Time Signal on and off
E-24 To stop the alarm
E-25 Using the Stopwatch
E-25 To enter the Stopwatch Mode
E-26 To perform an elapsed time operation
E-26 To pause at a split time
E-26 To measure two fi nishes
E-28 Countdown Timer
E-28 To enter the Countdown Timer Mode
E-29 To confi gure the countdown timer
E-30 To perform a countdown timer operation
E-30 To stop the alarm
E-31 Adjusting the Analog Hand Setting
E-31 To adjust the analog time
E-33 Illumination
E-33 To turn on illumination
E-34 Button Operation Tone
E-34 To turn the button operation tone on and off
E-35 Troubleshooting
E-36 Main Indicators
E-38 Specifi cations

Mode Reference Guide

Your watch has 5 “modes”. The mode you should select depends on what you
want to do.
To do this: Enter this mode: See:
View the current date in the Home City
Con gure Home City and daylight saving time (DST)
Con gure time and date settings
Select 12-hour or 24-hour timekeeping
Adjust the analog hands
Timekeeping Mode E-11
View the current time in one of 48 cities
(29 time zones) around the globe
World Time Mode E-19
Set an alarm time Alarm Mode E-21
Use the stopwatch to measure elapsed time Stopwatch Mode E-25
Use the countdown timer Countdown Timer Mode E-28
Selecting a Mode
Press C to cycle between the modes as shown below.
Timekeeping Mode World Time Mode
Stopwatch Mode Countdown Timer Mode Alarm Mode
In any mode (except when a setting mode, with fl ashing digits is on the display),
press B to illuminate the display.


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