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Mo n o c u l a r s
In s t r u c t I o n Ma n u a l English
Thank you for purchasing a Celestron monocular.
We hope it brings you many years of enjoyment. To
maximize your use of this monocular, please read
these instructions carefully before using.
ad j u s t I n g Fo c u s
To obtain a sharp view through your monocular, you
need to adjust the focus. Rotate the focus wheel
until you have a sharp image. Hint: Eyeglasses worn
for nearsightedness should be worn when using
monoculars, as you may not be able to reach a sharp
focus at infinity without them.
se t t h e tw I s t up ru b b e r ey e c u p
To obtain the maximum field of view, twist the
rubber eyecup up if you do not wear eyeglasses and
twist it down if you do wear eyeglasses.
ca r e a n d cl e a n I n g
Monoculars do not need routine maintenance
other than making sure that the objective lens
and eyepiece are kept clean. If repairs become
necessary, they should be serviced by the
manufacturer or a qualified monocular repair
company. If your monocular is roughly handled
or dropped, there is a good chance that the
collimation (alignment of the optics) will be out
and they should be serviced. A dirty objective lens
and/or eyepiece means less light transmission and
loss of brightness as well as unsharp images. Keep
your optics clean! When not using your monocular,
store it in the soft case provided. Avoid touching
the glass surfaces of the monocular, however, if
fingerprints (which contain mild acid) do get on the
glass, they should be cleaned as soon as possible to
avoid damaging the coatings. To clean the optical
surfaces, we recommend a lens/optics cleaning kit
available at most photo or optical shops. Follow
the instructions provided with the kit closely
for best results. If you have a lot of dust or dirt
accumulated, brush it off gently with a camel’s hair
brush and/or utilize a can of pressurized air before
using the cleaning kit. Alternately, you could use the
Celestron LensPen (# 93575) made especially for
cleaning monoculars. Never attempt to clean your
monocular internally or try to take it apart!
Caution! Viewing the Sun may cause permanent
eye damage. Do not view the Sun with your
ProblEms or rEPair: If warranty problems arise
or repairs are necessary, contact the Celestron
customer service department if you live in the U.S.A.
or Canada. If you live elsewhere, please contact the
Celestron dealer you purchased the monocular from
or the Celestron distributor in your country (listings
are available at www.celestron.com).
Warranty: Your monocular has the Celestron
No Fault Limited Lifetime Warranty for U.S.A.
and Canadian customers. For complete details of
eligibility and for warranty information on customers
in other countries visit the Celestron website.
Celestron monoculars are designed and intended for
those 13 years of age and older.
Fo r c o M p l e t e s p e c I F I c at I o n s a n d p r o d u c t I n F o r M a t I o n ,
v I s I t : w w w .c e l e s t r o n .c o M
2835 Columbia Street • Torrance, CA 90503 U.S.A.
Tel: 310.328.9560 • Fax: 310.212.5835
©2011 Celestron
All rights reserved. • Printed in China • 01-11
Fo c u s
wh e e l
ey e c u p
(e y e p I e c e
u n d e r )
ca r r y st r a p
ob j e c t I v e le n s
Mo n o c u l a i r e s
gu I d e de lu t I l I s a t e u r FranÇais
Nous vous remercions d’avoir fait l’acquisition d’un
monoculaire Celestron. Nous espérons qu’il vous
procurera des années de satisfaction Afin d’optimiser
l’utilisation de ce monoculaire, veuillez préalablement
lire ce mode d’emploi.
ré g l a g e d e l a M I s e a u p o I n t
Pour obtenir une vue nette avec votre monoculaire,
vous devez réglez la mise au point. Tournez la
molette de mise au point jusqu’à ce que l’image
soit bien nette. Conseil utile : Si vous êtes myope,
vous devez mettre vos lunettes lorsque vous utilisez
les monoculaires, sinon vous risquez de ne pouvoir
parvenir à une mise au point précise à l’infini.
ré g l a g e d e lo e I l l e t o n e n c a o u t c h o u c
r e l e v a b l e
Tournez l’oeilleton en caoutchouc en position
relevée si vous ne portez pas de lunettes, mais
abaissez-le dans le cas contraire pour obtenir un
champ de vision maximum.
Mo l e t t e
d e M I s e
a u p o I n t
oeI l l e t o n
(oc u l a I r e
d e s s o u s )
dr a g o n n e
ob j e c t I F

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Merke Celestron
Modell Nature 10x25
Produkt Kikkert
EAN 50234712101
Språk Engelsk, Tysk, Fransk, Spansk, Italiensk
Produktgruppe Kikkerter
Fyltype PDF
Vekt og dimensjoner
Vekt 170g
Tekniske detaljer
Prismetype BaK-4
Nærmeste fokuseringsavstand 5.49m
Utgangspupill 2.5mm
Øyehvile 14mm
Synsfelt 93 - 101m
Synlig synsfelt 5.8°
Optisk zoom 10x