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Fixed and Adjustable Length Columns
Milestone AV Technologies and its affiliated corporations and
subsidiaries (collectively "Milestone"), intend to make this
manual accurate and complete. However, Milestone makes no
claim that the information contained herein covers all details,
conditions or variations, nor does it provide for every possible
contingency in connection with the installation or use of this
product. The information contained in this document is subject
to change without notice or obligation of any kind. Milestone
makes no representation of warranty, expressed or implied,
regarding the information contained herein. Milestone assumes
no responsibility for accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of
the information contained in this document.
Chief® is a registered trademark of Milestone AV Technologies.
All rights reserved.
primary Chief product to which an accessory and/or component
is attached.
ACCESSORY: AN ACCESSORY is the secondary Chief
product which is attached to a primary Chief product, and may
have a component attached or setting on it.
COMPONENT: A COMPONENT is an audiovisual item
designed to be attached or resting on an accessory or mounting
system such as a video camera, CPU, screen, display,
projector, etc.
WARNING: A WARNING alerts you to the possibility of
serious injury or death if you do not follow the instructions.
CAUTION: A CAUTION alerts you to the possibility of
damage or destruction of equipment if you do not follow the
corresponding instructions.
WARNING: Failure to read, thoroughly understand, and
follow all instructions can result in serious personal injury,
damage to equipment, or voiding of factory warranty! It is the
installer’s responsibility to make sure all accessories are
properly assembled and installed using the instructions
WARNING: Failure to provide adequate structural strength
for this accessory can result in serious personal injury or
damage to equipment! It is the installers responsibility to
make sure the structure to which this accessory is attached
can support five times the combined weight of all equipment.
Reinforce the structure as required before installing the
WARNING: Exceeding the weight capacity can result in
serious personal injury or damage to equipment! It is the
installer’s responsibility to make sure the combined weight of
all components attached to the CMS Series Extension
Column does not exceed 500 lbs (226 kg).
The weight capacity of the CMS Series Extension
Columns may be LIMITED to the lowest weight
capacity of any other component, accessory or
mounting system used with this accessory.
WARNING: Do not use this product outdoors.
WARNING: Use this accessory only for its intended use as
described in these instructions. Do not use attachments not
recommended by the manufacturer.
WARNING: Never operate this accessory if it is damaged.
Return the accessory to a service center for examination and
NOTE: Chief CMS Series extension columns are Listed for use
with all Listed Chief ceiling plates and mounts specified
for use with 1-1/2" NPT following ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
(Schedule 40, 0.154" minimum thickness, steel or
aluminum - ASTM B221) extension columns and the
UL listed truss ceiling adapter accessory CMS380.
CMS Series extension columns are suitable for a
maximum 500 lbs (226 kg).
5/32" - security
(included with
adjustable columns)
(included with
adjustable columns)
[CMS adjustable length]
A (1)
[CMS fixed length]
B (1)
C (1)
5/16" x 5/8"
D (1)
E (1)
F (2)
5/16" x 1/4"
H (2)
5/16" x 1/4"
G (1)
A (1)
J (1)
NOTE: Parts B-J are only included with adjustable length

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Merke Chief
Modell CMS012018
Produkt Prosjektor tilbehør
EAN 8418720926760, 0841872092676, 0854432515904
Språk Engelsk
Produktgruppe Prosjektor tilbehør
Fyltype PDF
Tekniske detaljer
Produktfarge Svart
Maksimalvekt (kapasitet) 226.8kg
Vekt og dimensjoner
Bredde 59mm
Dybde 59mm
Høyde 457mm
Bredde 59mm
Dybde 59mm
Høyde 457mm
Vekt 1360g
Pakningsvekt 1000g
Produktfarge Svart
Maksimalvekt (kapasitet) 226.8kg
Diskmateriale Metall
Kompatibilitet Speed-Connect
Brand kompatibilitet Chief
ISV-sertifiseringer TÜV, UL, TAA