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Heatit Z-TRM3
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Heatit Z-TRM3 is an electronic thermostat for electrical floor heating,
designed to be mounted in a standard flush box. The thermostat has
a built-in Z-Wave chip that can be connected with Home Automation
systems. Heatit Z-TRM3 is equipped with a single-pole relay and fits
into System 55 frames. The thermostat can withstand a load of max
16A /3600W at 230V. The thermostat may be used for water based
heating if the thermostat is linked to the Heatit Z-Water.
NB! If the sensor mode is changed to A or AF mode then a room
sensor compensation process will start, which limits maximum power
output to 75%. The thermostat adapts to the environment within a
few days. No internal sensor calibration should be performed during
the first few days.
Please read this before installation
This device may be used with all devices certified with the Z-Wave Plus™
certificate and should be compatible with such devices produced by
other manufacturers. Every primary controller is different depending on
the manufacturer, their target consumer and intended use/application.
Please review the functionalities implemented by the primary controller
you intend to use with our Z-Wave Plus certified device to ensure that it
provides the necessary controls to take full advantage of our products
This device may be operated within any Z-Wave network with
Z-Wave-certified devices from other manufacturers. All non-battery
operated nodes within the network will act as repeaters regardless of
manufacturer to increase the reliability of the network. On delivery, the
device does not belong to any Z-Wave network. The device needs to be
added to an existing network to communicate with the other devices
within it. Devices may also be removed from a network. The add/remove
processes are initiated by the primary controller of the Z-Wave network.
The primary controller has a mode for adding or removing devices.
Please refer to your primary controller manual on how to set the
primary controller in add/remove mode. The device may only be
added or removed from the network if the primary controller is in
add/remove mode.
1. Switch off the mains supply (disable the fuse).
2. Open the wall switch box.
3. Connect wires according to the labeling described in
chapter 5 ”Installation.
4. After verifying the connections, switch the mains supply back on.
5. Set the primary controller in add mode (security/non-security).
6. Press and hold the center button until “OFF” is shown on the
display (approx. 10 seconds).
7. Press down button until you reach “CON”, press and hold until the
display shows a rotating light pattern.
8. The thermostat will display “INC when the thermostat is
successfully added.
NB! If adding/removing fails, Err (error) will appear.



Firmware 4.0

Installers manual

Ver 2020-C
1 Introduction
2 Statement regarding products from multiple manufacturers
3 Behavior within the Z-Wave™ network
4. Quick Start
5. Installation
5.1 Controls
6. Add/Remove
6.1 Method 1 Standard (manual)
6.2 Method 2 SmartStart (automatic)
7 Factory Reset
7.1 Startup
8 Principles of regulation
9 Programming thermostat
10 Temperature shown in display
11 Standby and main screen
12 Choice of sensor
13 Selecting the right Ohm value for your external floor sensor
14 Calibration
15 Brightness
16 Hysteresis (dIF)
17 Min/Max temperature settings
18 Fast functions from Standby / Main Screen
18.1 Display on/off - don/doF
18.2 Childlock - Lock
19 Error codes
20 Z-Wave QR-code / DSK
21 Security
22 Node Information Frame
23 Associations
24 Configuration parameters
25 Command class specifications
Product information
Heatit Z-TRM3

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Spesifikasjoner for Heatit Z-TRM3

Merke Heatit
Modell Z-TRM3
Produkt Termostat
Språk Engelsk
Fyltype PDF
Smart termostat Ja
Videoopptaksgrensesnitt Z-Wave
Minnefunksjon -
Produktfarge Sort
Frekvens 868.4 MHz
Måleenhet °C
Internasjonal beskyttelses (IP)-kode IP21
Barnelås Ja
Egnet for våte områder Nei
Tekniske detaljer
Bærekraftsamsvar Ja
Bærekraftsertifikater CE,RoHS
Display -
Temperatursensor Ja
Strømkilde AC
AC-inngangsspenning 230 V
AC-inngangsfrekvens 50/60 Hz
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