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  • JRX215
    Key Features:
    JBL 15 in low frequency driver
    with a 64 mm (2.5 in) diameter
    edgewound ribbon voice coil
    which provides more cross-
    sectional wire area in the voice coil
    gap than round wire designs, for
    greater efficiency and power
    JBL 2414H-C 25 mm (1 in) polymer
    diaphragm compression driver
    improves high frequency
    performance as well as system
    The advanced network topology
    crossover design shapes the
    frequenc y response to deliver
    coherent summation in the
    crossover region.
    High-voltage capacitors and
    inductor s with massive cores and
    heavy gauge wire enable the
    crossover network to handle high
    power without saturating.
    Progressive Transition™ high-
    frequenc y waveguide provides
    superior coverage control, reduced
    distortion, and smoother frequency
    The rugged, acoustically superior
    enclosure is constructed from
    19 mm (.75 in) MDF (Medium
    Density Fiberboard) using
    advanced adhesives and
    mechanica l fastener technology for
    extreme durability and improved
    low-frequency performanc e.
    SonicGuard™ protects the high-
    frequenc y driver from excess
    power without interrupting the
    performanc e.
    Non-resonant, all-steel handles are
    used .
    Attractive 18-gauge hexagon
    perforate d, steel grille protects
    component s from damage.
    Dual-angle pole-mount socket
    allows the speakers to tilt 10° for
    more uniform audience coverage.
    The JRX215 is a portable, fifteen-inch, two-way speaker system designed
    specifically for applications in live music, music playback, and
    reinforcement of speech. With the smooth, natural sounding mid-range of
    the system, the JRX215 does a great job projecting live vocals, solos and
    speech. The extended lows and great top-end make it at home for music
    playback in DJ applications or anywhere live sound reinforcement is
    needed . Features include the dual-angle, 36 mm pole-mount socket as well
    as Neutrik
    and ¼" input connectors.
    System Type: 15" 2-way, sound reinforcement speaker
    4 Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 53 Hz – 19 kHz
    2 Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 41 Hz – 18 kHz
    4 Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 80 Hz – 14 kHz
    2 Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 59 Hz – 13 kHz
    Sensitivity (1w/1m): 99 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8
    Power Capacity:
    250 watts
    Peak Power Capacity:
    1000 watts
    Recommended Amplifier 250-500 watts
    Power: @ 8
    Maximum SPL: 129 dB
    Nominal Dispersion: 90° x 50°
    Crossover Frequency: 2.2 kHz
    Dimensions (H x W x D):
    699 mm x 460 mm x 432 mm
    (27.5 in x 18.1 in x 17 in)
    Weight: 27.4 kg (60.5 lb)
    Shipping Weight: 30.4 kg (67 lb)
    High Frequency Driver: JBL 2414H-C , 1" exit compression driver mounted on
    Progressive Transition™ Waveguide
    Low Frequency Driver: JBL M115-8A
    Input Connectors: Parallel Neutrik
    NL-4 (x1); ¼" TS phone jack (x1)
    Enclosure Construction: 19 mm (¾ in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard); with
    glued and mechanically fastened joint detail; covered in
    black carpet .
    Grille: 18-gauge, powder-coated steel
    Mounting & Suspension: 36 mm, dual-angle pole-mount socket
    “Power Capacity” and “Peak Power Capacity” ratings are based on the average and peak power capacity of product
    samples subjected to a 100 hour power test using random noise with a 6 dB crest factor, in accordance with IEC
    “Frequency Range” and “Frequency Response” are based on half-space conditions.
    Height dimension includes feet.
    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods and design
    refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For this
    reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or
    exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.
    15 Inch Two-Way Sound
    Loudspeaker System

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Spesifikasjoner for JBL JRX215

Merke JBL
Modell JRX215
Produkt Høyttaler
EAN 5021196726098
Språk Engelsk
Fyltype PDF
Anbefalt bruk Universell
Egnet for utendørs bruk -
Produktfarge Svart
Husmateriale MDF
Høyttaler type 2-veis
Lyd-utgang kanaler 1.0
Høyttalerplassering Ceiling-mountable, Floor, Wall-mountable
Antall drivere -
Forsterker -
RMS-rangert strøm/utgangseffekt 250W
Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) 100W
Frekvensrekkevidde 59 - 13000Hz
Sensitivitet/følsomhet 99dB
Overgangsfrekvens 2200Hz
RMS-rangert strøm/utgangseffekt 250W
Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) 100W
Frekvensrekkevidde 59 - 13000Hz
Sensitivitet/følsomhet 99dB
Overgangsfrekvens 2200Hz
Andre funksjoner
Utjevner/frekvenskorrigerer -
Høyttalervekt 460mm
Høyttalerdybde 432mm
Høyttalerhøyde 699mm
Høyttaler vekt 27400g
Antall speakON-porter 1
Tilkoblingsteknologi Koblet med ledninger (ikke trådløs)
- Speakon
Høyttaler type 2-veis
Høyttalerplassering Ceiling-mountable, Floor, Wall-mountable
Egnet for utendørs bruk -
Produktfarge Svart
Husmateriale MDF

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