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  • Model: PPU2100X
    PowerPort™ Kit - Portable Battery & Charger
    Owner’s manual
    Thank you for purchasing the PowerPort Kit Portable Battery and Charger. Take the compact, lightweight
    PowerPort with you wherever you go and have a handy charger or rescue battery that works anywhere!
    PowerPort charges your PDA, mobile phone, MP3 player, game system, or any device that can be charged via a
    USB cable connection.
    Included in the package you have purchased:
    • PowerPort Battery / Charger
    • USB retractable charging cable
    • Adapter Tips for various mobile devices
    - Do not overcharge the PowerPort. This will shorten the life span of the device.
    - Disconnect the PowerPort as soon as it is practical after the charge is complete.
    - Recycle or dispose of the PowerPort properly. If disposed of in re or short–circuited, the PowerPort
    may leak or explode, causing personal injury.
    - When not in use, unplug the PowerPort from all cables and devices.
    - Do not drop.
    Note: Prior to initial use fully charge your PowerPort before connecting
    to your device.
    Attach the Mini USB adapter tip to the small end of the cable (B). Plug the
    Mini USB connector into the top of the PowerPort’s mini USB jack labeled” IN.
    Plug the USB end of the cable (A) in to any powered USB port, such as an
    available USB port in your computer, the AC to USB Power Adapter (included),
    or the DC to USB Power Adapter (included).
    While charging, the LED Battery Status Indicator will light up red. When the
    charging process has been completed the LED will turn blue. Once the charge
    indicator shows the charge has completed disconnect the battery from the
    USB power source. Your PowerPort is ready to go.
    With the built in ON / OFF button, you have the option of using the PowerPort when you
    need it. When you need an extra charge in your device, just push the button once to turn
    it “ON” and you will see the LED status indicator light and charging will proceed. Once
    your device is charged, just press the button again and the PowerPort will turn “OFF.
    Blue status LED – A blue light indicates the PowerPort is in use, or OK for use.
    Red status LED – A red light indicates the PowerPort is recharging or needs to
    be recharged.
    Flashing status LED – A ashing light indicates the PowerPort’s battery is running low.
    Limited 1 Year Warranty
    Lenmar product is warranted to be free of defective parts and workmanship for stated period from the original date of purchase. Warranties are not transferable.
    The warranty excludes damage resulting from accident, misuse, modication, delay or loss of use, damage to equipment or by normal wear and tear.
    Copy of Proof of Purchase from an authorized Lenmar Dealer must include the following:
    - The company where the product was purchased
    - The date of purchase
    - The model number of the product purchased
    - Send back the product freight prepaid (we recommend insuring the package as Lenmar will not be responsible for shipments lost or damaged in transit).
    Include $10.00 payable to Lenmar Battery Solutions for processing fee for ship to address in the Continental United States.
    Include $15.00 for ship to address in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.
    Send to:
    Lenmar Battery Solutions
    Attn: Return Department
    4035 Via Pescador
    Camarillo, CA 93012-5050
    Use preprinted Lenmar shipping label or clearly print your RA Number on the outside of the shipping carton.
    Proposition 65 Notice (California)
    The following statement is required in the state of California pursuant to the settlement of an action brought by the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation against
    multiple electronics and appliance manufacturers
    • WARNING: Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or
    other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
    For additional questions, comments or to explore other Lenmar battery solutions, visit our web site at: www.lenmar.com or call 800/424-2703 from 9AM – 5PM PST.
    Charging your PowerPort
    On/Off Button - LED Status
    1. Plug the USB end of the cable (A) into the top of the
    PowerPort’s USB slot labeled “OUT” (see diagram).
    2. Choose the appropriate adapter tip for your device
    and attach it to the small end of the cable (B).
    3. Connect the adapter tip to your device.
    4. Press the “ON / OFF” button to activate the PowerPort; the PowerPort’s LED should illuminate blue. Your
    device should now indicate that it is receiving power. You must press the status indicator button to fully
    utilize the PowerPort. Some devices will appear to be charging as soon as they are connected to the
    PowerPort, even if the status indicator button has not been pressed. The PowerPort will emit a small amount
    of power upon connection to the device, however, this is not enough current to deliver a full charge.
    5. If you are using the PowerPort to recharge your device, be sure to disconnect as soon as possible after
    your device is recharged to conserve the power in the PowerPort, and to avoid overcharging your device’s
    Input: 5 VDC, 1000mA max.
    Output: 5 VDC, 700mA max.
    Charge Time: Approx. 4 - 6 hrs.
    Charge current: 1000mA max.
    Voltage: 3.7 VDC
    Wh: 8.8
    Capacity: 2400mAh
    Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    Weight: 65g
    Dimensions: 99 x 61 x 10mm
    Charging Your Device Using Your PowerPort
    310-560-33-22-0917 r1 y1
    Lithium-Ion battery must be
    recycled or disposed of properly.
    AC to USB
    Power Adapter
    DC to USB
    Power Adapter
    USB End
    of Cable (A)
    Small End
    of Cable (B)
    Adapter Tip
    On/Off Button -
    LED Status
    Note: You may charge additional devices with your existing USB cable.
    • AC to USB Power Adapter
    • DC to USB Power Adapter
    • Carrying Case
    Input: AC100-240VAC-50/60Hz
    Output 1: DC 5V, 2A max
    (1 USB port)
    Output 2: DC 5V, 2A max
    (2 USB ports using simultaneously,
    port1/port2 not exceeding 2A)
    Weight: 50g
    Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 18mm
    Input: 12-24 VDC
    Output: DC- 5V, 500mA max
    Weight: 20g
    Dimensions: 98 x 45 x 38mm

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Merke Lenmar
Modell PowerPort Kit
Produkt Batteribank
EAN 0029521843934
Språk Engelsk, Fransk, Spansk
Fyltype PDF
Lader kompabilitet Mobile phone/Smartphone, Tablet, MP3/MP4, GPS, E-book reader
Produktfarge Svart
Batteriteknologi Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Batterikapasitet 2400mAh
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Energy Star-sertifisert -

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