Nissin Di866 Professional bruksanvisning

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Please refer Nissin’s compatibility chart shown in its home page for details. or
When attaching Di866 to the camera, the basic flash exposure operation is fully
controlled by the camera. It is the same idea as you use the built-in camera
flash, but it is placed on the hotshoe of the camera instead of built-in.
Di866 provides many advanced flash functions.
Wireless TTL off camera flash technology, high speed shutter synchronization,
frequent repeat-flash system, External Av priority setting, etc. are supported.
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Compatible cameras
Thank you for purchasing a Nissin product
Before using this flash unit, please read this instruction manual and refer
to your camera owners manual carefully to get a better understanding of
proper operation to enjoy flash photography.
The color display automatically rotates
to keep user easily operate the flash
Nissin Di866 type Canon is designed for Canon digital SLR, with the latest TTL
flash control system, and features Nissin’s original rotating color display easily
guiding its operations.
It works automatically with Canon ETTL/ ETTL II auto-flash system.
Please note that Di866 type C is not usable with other branded cameras for
TTL operation.
Nissin Japan Ltd., Tokyo
Nissin Marketing Ltd., Hong Kong
C0909 REV. 1.2

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