Sigma EF-530 DG ST Super bruksanvisning

Har kan du se manualen Sigma EF-530 DG ST Super gratis. Har du lest manualen men det ga deg ikke svar på spørsmålet ditt? Da kan du stille spørsmålet til andre eiere av Sigma EF-530 DG ST Super på denne siden.

Thank you very much for purchasing the Sigma EF-530 DG SUPER SA-STTL Electronic Flash. This
product is specifically developed for the Sigma SA, SD series autofocus SLR cameras. Depending on the
camera model, functions and operation may vary. Please read this instruction booklet carefully for your
camera body. To add to your enjoyment of photography, the flash has a variety of features. To make the
most of all these features and to get the maximum performance and enjoyment from your flash, please
read this instruction booklet together with your camera’s instruction manual before using the flash, and also
keep it handy for your future reference.
In order to avoid causing any damage or injury, please read this instruction manual very carefully,
paying attention to the cautionary signs below, before using the flash.
Please take special note of the two cautionary signs below.
Warning !!
Symbol denotes the important points, where warning and caution are required.
Symbol contains information regarding the actions that must be avoided.
Using the product disregarding this warning sign might cause serious injury
or other dangerous results.
Using the product disregarding this caution sign might cause injury o
Warning !!
This flash contains high voltage circuits. To avoid electric shock or burns, do not attempt to
disassemble the flash. If the outside shell of the unit is broken or cracked, do not touch the
mechanism inside.
Do not fire the flash close to eyes. Otherwise the bright light could damage the eyes. Keep at leas
1m/3feet distance between face and the flash unit when taking a picture with flash.
Never use your camera in an environment where flammable, burnable, gas, liquids or chemicals,
etc, exist. Otherwise it might cause fire or explosion.
Caution !!
Do not use this flash unit on any camera other than the Sigma SA, SD series cameras, otherwise
the flash may damage the circuitry of these cameras.
This flash unit is not waterproof. When using the flash and camera in the rain or snow or near water,
keep it from getting wet. It is often impractical to repair internal electrical components damaged by
Never subject the flash and camera to shock, dust, high temperature or humidity. These factors
might cause fire or malfunctioning of your equipment.
When the flash is subjected to sudden temperature change, as when the flash unit is brought from a
cold exterior to warm interior, condensation might form inside. In such a case, place your equipment
in a sealed plastic bag before such a change, and do not use the flash unit until it reaches room
Do not store your flash in a drawer or cupboard etc. containing naphthalene, camphor or othe
insecticides. These chemicals will have a negative effects on the flash unit.
Do not use a thinner, Benzene or other cleaning agents to remove dirt or finger prints from the
component. Clean with a soft, moistened cloth.
For extended storage, choose a cool dry place, preferably with good ventilation. It is recommended
that the flash be charged and fired several times a month, to maintain proper capacitor functioning.

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