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  • 1. Indicator Light 2. Plug 3. Handle 4. Lock
    5. Upper Grill Plate 6. Lower Grill Plate
    1. Assembly Units 2. How to Use
    3. Cleaning and Maintenance
    Unbox the machine. Unlock the machine, thoroughly wipe and clean the upper and
    lower grill plates with a clean damp cloth.
    Power on (Note: please use the grounded power outlets of 230V, 50/60Hz).
    To use the machine for the first time, please do not place any food in it, rather just
    switch it on for 10 to 20 minutes to remove odors.
    After the power source is connected, the red/green power source light will come on.
    At this point the machine is warming up.
    Please keep the upper and lower grill plates open during the warm-up, applying a
    little edible oil or cream evenly on the plates with a brush.
    After approximately 1-2 minutes, the green light will turn off. This means that
    warm-up is complete and you may pull out the power source.
    Put the ingredients at the center of the lower plate, preferably cover 80% of the
    plate (too much of it could spill from the plate), trying to spread the ingredients
    evenly on it.
    Please cover the upper plate when visible small bubbles appear around the food
    put in earlier.
    Plug in the power source again, and the red/green power source lights will come
    on. The green light will turn off, then come on, then turn off again. Manufacture is
    complete after several cycles of this (based on personal preference for the addition
    or subtraction of dioptic strength).
    Please be sure to switch off and unplug the machine for any cleaning or
    maintenance. Do not immerse it in water for cleaning!
    Dirty surfaces could be wiped and cleaned with damp cloth. Please do not use any
    sorts of solvents or detergent, as they could cause damage to the surface of the
    Please clean the upper and lower grill plates on a regular basis. Be sure to use soft
    damp cloths for cleaning and not to use such rough cleaning tools as the scouring
    pad or the steel wool to avoid damaging the nonstick coating of the plates.
    This Instruction cannot be completely ruled out possible text or technical omissions
    or typo, and such errors or omissions will be corrected in the updated versions. The
    Company has the right and obligation to modify any contents of this Instruction at
    any time without prior notice.
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    User Manual
    Sandwich Machine

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Modell SM-T715K
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