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1. Protective cover
2. Electrical contacts
3. Attachment screw
4. Guide pin
5. Attach/detach knob
6. Battery magazine release handle
7. DC cord mount
8. AF point selection/Magnify button
9. AE lock/FE lock/Index/Reduce button
10. AF start button
11. Vertical-grip operation switch
12. Shutter button
13. Camera battery compartment cover slot
14. Main dial
15. Hand strap mount
16. Tripod socket
17. Battery chamber latch
18. Battery pack compartment
19. Battery magazine (for size-AA batteries)

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The XTCG60D is a battery grip that can hold two battery pack
LP-E6 or six-AA batteries, it is also equipped with a vertical-grip
shutter button, main dial, etc to enable shooting in the same way
as with horizontal grip.
1. Remove the battery from the camera. (Fig. 1)
2. Pull out the camera’s battery compartment cover a slanted
angle to detach. (Fig. 2)
Perform the operation on a table so as not to drop the
3. Insert the detached cover into its storage slot to ensure that
it will not be lost. (Fig.3)
When taking out the cover, press lightly on the cover hinge
and pull it out upward at a slanted angle. (Fig.3-2)
4. Remove the protective cover, and then insert the electrical
contacts into the camera battery compartment. (Fig.4-1)
5. Align the attachment screw with the camera’s tripod socket.
And then turn the attach/detach knob to tighten securely.
(Fig. 4-1)
1. After ipping out the release handle, turn it as shown by the
arrow. Then pull out the battery magazine (for size-AA/LR6
batteries). (Fig. 5)
2. Insert one or two battery pack LP-E6 into the battery
magazine (for LP-E6) (Fig. 6)
3. Attach the battery magazine into the battery grip. (Fig. 7-1)
After attaching, check that the battery magazine is securely
attached to the battery grip.
4. Close the release handle. (Fig. 7-2)
• Do not further push open the battery compartment cover when
it is already open, doing so may damage its hinge.
• Be sure to attach the battery grip to the camera before inserting
the batteries. The results of the battery check may not be
displayed properly if you attach the battery grip to the camera
with the batteries already inside.
• Before removing the battery grip from the camera, make sure to
turn the camera’s power switch to <OFF>, and take out the
batteries. After removing the batteries, attach the protective
cover to the electrical contacts.
• Fewer images can be shot when using size-AA batteries. Also, the
number of possible shots may vary depending on the batteries
brand and storage conditions. So age of size-AA batteries is
recommended only for emergencies.
• With size-AA batteries, use six new batteries of the same brand at
temperature above 20°C / 68°F, the camera may not function when
used in lower temperature or when old and new batteries are used
• If only one battery pack is used, it can be inserted in either the
right or left side.
• If two battery packs are inserted, power is supplied
simultaneously by both battery packs. Two battery packs with
dierent charging levels can be inserted and used without any
• Remove the battery packs or size-AA batteries from the battery
grip when the camera will not be used for an extended period.



1. Insert the batteries onto the battery magazine (for size-AA
batteries). (Fig. 8)
Make sure the + and - battery contacts are properly
oriented as shown in the illustration.
2. Attach the battery magazine into the battery grip. (Fig. 9-1)
After attaching, check that the battery magazine is
securely attached to the battery grip.
3. Close the release handle. (Fig. 9-2)


1. Turning the vertical-grip operation switch to <ON> (Fig.12)
makes the battery grip buttons and dial function in the
same way as those on the camera.
2. When shooting in the horizontal-grip position, turn the
vertical-grip operation switch to <OFF> so that you do not
accidentally use the buttons or dial on the battery grip.
3. The battery level can be checked on the camera.



Power switch
Possible shots
Working temperature
Working humidity
1) One or two battery packs LP-E6
2) Six size-AA alkaline batteries
Camera’s power switch
Refer to your camera’s instruction manual
0°C - + 40°C / 32°F - 104°F
85% or less
Approx. 145.6 (W) x 111.3 (H) x 85.3 (D) mm
Approx. 5.7 (W) x 4.4 (H) x 3.4 (D) in
Approx. 295g / 10.4oz (without batteries and battery

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Merke Xit
Modell XTCG60D
Produkt Annet kameratilbehør
EAN 818795011138
Språk Engelsk
Fyltype PDF
Merkekompatibilitet Canon
Kompatible produkter EOS 60D
Produktfarge Sort
Produkttype Digitalkamera, batterigrep
Bruksanvisning Ja
Sylindrisk batteristørrelse AA
Batteritype LP-E6
Antall støttede batterier 8
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