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Xit XTNG3100
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To ensure proper operation, read this manual thoroughly before using
this product. After reading, be sure to keep it for future references. The
XTNG3100 takes one or two EN-EL14 batteries only, especially suitable
for shooting in a large quantity or low temperatures environment. It
features a vertical-grip shutter-release button to enable shooting in
the same fashion as a horizontal grip.


1. Remove the battery from the camera.
2. Pull out the camera's battery compartment cover at a slanted
angle to detach. (Fig.2) Perform the operation on a table so as not
to drop the camera.
3. Insert the detached cover into its storage slot to ensure that it will
not be lost. When taking out the cover, press lightly on the cover
hinge and pull it out upward at a slanted angle.
4. Remove the protective cover, and then insert the electrical
contacts into the camera battery compartment. (Fig.3)
5. Align the attachment screw with the camera's tripod socket, and
then turn the attach/detach knob to tighten securely. (Fig.4)
• Do not further push open the battery compartment cover when it is
already open, doing so may damage its hinge.
• Be sure to attach the battery grip to the camera before inserting the
batteries.The results of the battery check may not be displayed properly
if you attach the battery grip to the camera with the batteries
already inside.
• Before removing the battery grip from the camera. Be sure to turn the
camera's power switch to <OFF>, and take out the batteries. After
removing the batteries, attach the protective cover to the electrical


1. Tweak battery chamber latch, open battery chamber cover. (Fig.5)
2. Insert the battery grip electrical contacts to camera's battery chamber
and align the attachment. (Fig.6-1/Fig.6-2)
3. Screw with the camera's tripod socket, then turn the attach/detach
knob to tighten securely.
4. After the installation is completed, turn on the camera, and make sure
that the camera's LCD displays the figures.
5. To dispatch the battery grip, reverse the above steps. (Fig.7)


The battery grip is not waterproof.
Never attempt to disassemble or repair the product yourself. The
battery grip warranty does not cover any malfunction resulted
from such actions.
Make sure that the battery is turned OFF when attaching the
battery grip. Batteries must be inserted accordingly (refer to the
polarity guide [+][-] shown).
Remove the batteries from the battery grip when the camera is
not to be used for an extended period.
Do not short-circuit the battery grip with batteries installed.
Do not carry or store the battery grip with the batteries installed
together with metallic objects.


Check the batteries capacity provided on the camera’s LCD panel

Shooting Condition

Two EN-EL14 battery
No ash use
Two EN-EL14 battery
50% ash use
Low temperature
Normal temperature
Approx. 3500
Approx. 1800
Approx. 2000
Approx. 1500
All data are based on manufacturer’s standard test results. Specication and
design are subject to change without notice.
1.Battery Chamber latch
2.Battery Chamber cover
3.Attachment Wheel
4.Mounting screw
5.Power terminals
6.Grip electrical pole
7.Tripod Socket
8.Signal transfer
9.Vertical-grip shutter button
10.Camera battery chamber cover storage area.
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Xit XTNG3100

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Merke Xit
Modell XTNG3100
Produkt Annet kameratilbehør
EAN 818795011084
Språk Engelsk
Fyltype PDF
Merkekompatibilitet Nikon
Kompatible produkter D3100/D3200
Produktfarge Sort
Produkttype Digitalkamera, batterigrep
Bruksanvisning Ja
Batteritype EN-EL14
Antall støttede batterier 2
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