Yukon Futurus 16×50

Yukon Futurus 16×50 bruksanvisning

    Model 7x50WA
    10x50WA 12x50WA 16x50 20x50
    Objective Lens,
    50 50 50 50 50
    Magnification, x
    7 10 12 16 20
    Eye Relief, mm
    21 14 12 10 10
    Field of view
    m/ft @ 1
    115/377 114/374 96/315 70/230 56/184
    Length, mm/in
    Weight, kg/oz 1.03/36.3
    These instructions will familiarize you with the Futurus prismatic binoculars.
    This range of the Futurus binoculars has a wide field of view, long eye relief and zoom
    capability with smooth adjustment for magnification.
    The Futurus binoculars will be your perfect companion for:
    · studying wild life
    · observing sporting events
    · tourism and leisure purposes
    · and security measures etc.
    Do not look at the sun through these binoculars. Do not disassemble.
    1. Open protective cups from objective lenses (1) and eyepieces (3).
    2. Adjust binoculars for your eye span by bringing optical axes (2) closer or moving them further
    3. Set up your preferred dioptrical setting, focusing the left eye by turning the central focusing
    wheel (4) until the image is sharp. Adjust the right eye for the sharpest picture by rotating the
    right eyepiece (3). Dioptrical adjustment usually needs to be set up only once, and should not
    require readjustment.
    4. To focus binoculars use the central focusing wheel.
    5. Design of eyepiece cushions prevents light leakage from the sides. The eyepiece cushions can
    be rotated as well as can be taken off as required.

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Merke Yukon
Modell Futurus 16×50
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