Yukon Scout 20x50 bruksanvisning

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TYPE 20x50
30x50 30x50WA
Objective Lens, mm 50 50 50
Magnification 20 30 30
Field of view
m/ft @ 1000 m/yds
54/177 31/101 40/131
Length, mm/in 370/14.4 370/14.4 370/14.4
Weight, kg/oz 0.45/16 0.45/16 0.45/16
These instructions will help familiarize you with the Yukon® Scout Spotting Scope product
line. All scopes of this series are designed to provide high magnification, compactness,
lightweight and comfortable handling. All scopes are equipped with a 1/4" tripod mounting
Scout 20x50 is a compact model with lower magnification and does not require a tripod
under most viewing conditions.
Scout 30x50 features high 30x magnification and can be used for observation of distant
objects when either hand held or when using a tripod. The stability provided by a tripod will
deliver a better image.
Scout 30x50 WA (Wide Angle) features special wide-angle optics, providing a 30%
increase in a field of view. As with the standard Scout 30x50, a tripod will assist in
providing a better viewing image.
1. Remove the scope from the carrying case.
2. Remove protective lens caps (1),(3).
3. To prepare your scope for viewing first make sure it is fully extended.
Place one hand on the body of the scope (4) and pull gently on the eyepiece (3).
4. Adjust eyepiece (3) until the image to be viewed comes into focus.
5. A tripod may be attached by using the tripod mounting socket (2).

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