Yukon Sideview 10×21

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  • Compact binocular Sideview is an ideal means for daytime observation. The binoculars boast an
    extremely handy design and elegant styling. Due to their low weight of 190 g and minimal size they will
    fit comfortably into any jacket pocket. Thanks to Porro prism optics and anti-reflective coatings the
    binoculars Sideview deliver crisp, well-balanced and contrast-rich images. Soft touch coating allows a
    strong grip of the binoculars.
    Sporting events
    Wildlife observation
    Outdoors activities
    Setting the interpupillary distance (IPD)
    Remove the binoculars from their case and flip open the caps of the objective lenses (1) (see
    Pick a group of objects off in the distance and folding or unfolding the binoculars (moving the
    two halves of the binoculars up or down close to the central pivot) while observing through the
    eyepieces, choose such a position when you see only one image of the objects and feel they are
    equally remote.
    Attention! Always protect your eyes and never look directly at the sun or any other source of
    bright light through the binoculars!
    Focusing the binocular and dioptric adjustment
    Aiming the binoculars at any distant object, turn the large center focusing wheel (2), until you
    see a sharp image through the left eyepiece.
    Rotate the diopter adjustment lever (3) of the right eyepiece to achieve a crisp image of the
    same object in the right eyepiece. This will address the natural differences between the right and
    the left eyes and reduce eyestrain from prolonged use.
    Turn the central focusing wheel (2) until you get a sharp image through both barrels.
Yukon Sideview 10×21

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